Saturday, June 26, 2010

Urban Decay Foreshadow Palette Review

Eek! First post!

My review of Urban Decay Foreshadow Palette. Insert snazzy pic here!

To be frank this was one of my first high end makeup purchases. I bought it (mostly) to own it. I didn't think that I would wear it much.

Wrong! Aside from a few minor problems the Foreshadow Palette is a great buy!

The palette comes with four shades:

Oil Slick : black/ silver glitter

Stray Dog: cool medium brown

Midnight Cowboy : pink champagne with silver glitter

Flipside : electric teal with a blue sheen


a brush.

The Good:

I love, love, love Stray Dog! If I get the courage to do tutorials you will see stray dog often! It's the perfect brown. When blended out it gives off a slight golden sheen. Love! It have a lovely silky, buttery texture. Oil Slick is a staple eyeshadow, great for the crease! It is not as soft as Stray Dog, but very intense! A little goes a long long way!

The Meh:

Flipside is nice. Not my type of color. I say go to Sephora, give it a try. Before buying the palette. It may make you love or hate the palette.

The Bad (?): Midnight Cowboy is a lovely shade but like many people I have issues with the glitter. If you are a beginner this is definitely a deal breaker (unless you like fallout!).If you are a pro, this should be no biggie. My suggestion to you beginners out there mix Midnight Cowboy with a little eye primer and apply ( good to go! ).

The Horrible: It's no longer for sale on Urban Decay or Sephora! BUT, it is for sale at, which is where I bought mine (along with the Baked Palette, review coming).

Swatches will be in the next Blog.

Any questions or comments ?

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